My dear followers, I just wanted to share some exciting news with you!

I have been accepted to graduate school in Chicago! After much debating, I’ve decided to take this offer even though I still have 2 other schools to hear back from.

At the present moment, I will be pursuing a Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences, with (I hope) a focus on Geomicrobiology and Paleoenvironments . What’s cool is the type of research I will be involved in, as my professor is an organic geochemist who works with extreme microbial life using an organic chemistry approach, as well as changes in the environment due to the domination of ancient bacteria in Early Earth.

All this, of course, has applications to life in the universe. I’m hoping this road will lead me eventually to a project that tackles astrobiology directly, especially in search of microbial life in our neighborhood planets. Perhaps not during grad school, but maybe after :) —pending that NASA decides to up its game in space exploration, hehe.

I’m so freaking EXCITED. There’s quite a bit of traveling involved as we would have to do sample collection—so I’m looking at possible expeditions to Antarctica, mid-Atlantic Ocean voyages, and many hikes/trips to our backyard mountain ranges, caves, hot springs. 

I mean, what better way to spend your early twenties than doing science in the most exotic places in the world?

I can only thank the many people who have supported me throughout the years. Topping the list, of course, my parents. My boss/mentor of my undergrad research at the FDA. And then the endless encouragements from friends and scientific peers. I will be mentioning all of them in my Ph.D. thesis.

And you guys! For sharing the same love I have for science and wonder.


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